2021 Trust in Science

2 June 2021, online

Hashtags: #gyAGM2021 #GYAtrustinscience #GYAtrustclimatescience

Trust implies strong confidence, a reliance on the integrity of an object or a person, even of institutions or processes; and it is key to functioning societies. In recent years, as the internet and new media have continued to make the spread and exchange of information worldwide at once more open and more complex, there is a growing perception that trust – in science, in public institutions, in one another – has weakened. While existing empirical evidence points to a solid trust in scientists themselves on a global level, it is impossible to overlook the harmful societal and political effects disinformation spawns, whether climate denialism, anti-vaccination movements or other conspiracy theories. It seems that a stable trust in scientists can go hand in hand with distrust of scientific consensus. This brings up questions about how science and science-based policy advice are communicated to the public, as well as about integrity and transparency of the scientific process.

The GYA 2021 virtual International Conference of Young Scientists will focus attention on these issues and on the important thematic areas of climate science and transforming food systems, for which public trust in science are central to future global developments.

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