Networking in Wonder

The GYA will use the platform for online networking in between the “Trust in Science” sessions on 2 June. All registered participants will receive an access link and password.

How to use Wonder?: It’s easy to join, intuitive to use, and you can connect (with video and audio) to one, two, three or up to 15 people at a time. You choose where you go in the room, which “circle” you join or to have a one-on-one chat with someone you’ve always wanted to speak with.

Important technical prerequisites:

Wonder is designed for and best experienced on a desktop or laptop computer; there is no need to download software, all connection occurs through your browser. Unfortunately, the platform is not mobile or tablet compatible.

Browsers: Wonder supports Chrome and Edge (newer versions). Wonder does not support: Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, and older versions of Edge. We strongly encourage you to update your browser before entering the room; this will help avoid technical issues.

Data Privacy Information: GDPR (

General Accessibility:

  • Make sure you are using one of the supported browsers
  • Make sure Wonder is the only conference/communication tool you have open. (zoom, microsoft teams, etc)
  • Make sure no other applications or websites are making use of your camera or microphone
  • More troubleshooting help, here: Troubleshooting | Wonder.Me Help Center

Wonder features

  • Everyone can move freely into circles and out of circles. You will only hear and see people in your circle.
  • Circles are conversation spaces: they can hold up to 15 people, after that they close (you see a striped circle in the middle if closed).
  • You can lock or unlock circles, allowing or preventing new people to join (using the padlock icon on the top right of your screen).
  • Icebreaker question – If you hover over another person’s avatar, you see their response to the question asked when joining.
  • Broadcast feature – for hosts only. Hosts can interrupt all conversations and broadcast – send video and audio – to the whole room at any time.
  • Share screen – anyone can do this; your screen will only be shared within your circle (unless you are a host who is broadcasting).
  • Chat – There are three different levels: Chat within your circle; Chat with all in the room; and individual messages.